My sincere apologizes to the Home Depot staff

Equipped with a scanned page of Louis Slobodkin’s Sculpture: Principles and Practice I went forth to Home Depot to collect supplies for my armature. There was lots of confusion and me trying to explain what I was making, but I got everything I needed.

Dad helped me put together the base because I’m pretty sure he doesn’t trust me with power tools. ;-)

I put together the wire armature in class. I began with a thick, but pliable copper wire for the basic gesture.

I finished with 16- gauge galvanized wire, wrapping around  the hip and shoulder area.

My work station. I finally decided to buy my own sculpture tools. I feel like a serious sculptor now that I have my own tools. :-) The other work stations in the picture are from the sculpture 1 class. They are molding only the torso in clay.

Our next session was our first with the model and I got more accomplished than I thought I would.

I didn’t concentrate on detail, I focused on the shape and angle of the body and how the weight is distributed. When I began, I applied the clay in wet, thick strokes. But when the basic form appeared, I began to apply the clay muscle by muscle, albeit rather messily.

Next session with the model is tomorrow, so I’ll have more done and post it later in the day.

Homework tonight is to find something that is “artistically cathartic” to me for Aesthetics & Criticism and to find out how to update my old Tiger operated 10.4.11 iMac to new Snow Leopard software (it’s about time, honestly) so I can enjoy the wonderful awesomeness of my newly purchased Magic Mouse:Beware PCs. I’m a MAC.

One response to “My sincere apologizes to the Home Depot staff

  1. Love Macs – Don’t apologize to the Home Depot staff. They need a challenge!

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