2 weeks indulging in sleep

Finals week was rough. Let’s just leave it at that. Since then two weeks passed, and I finally realized that spring semester is over. But I will not truly feel that this semester is completely behind me until I write this:

Plaster Gordon(s), it’s nice to finally see your butt.

My final exam involved me giving a brief presentation to the Sculpture 2 students on the molding and casting process of Gordon. I didn’t make the last plastic cast, but instead went along with my teacher’s suggestion to make a test plaster cast of Gordon so I could see if there were any problems with the mold.

(from LEFT to RIGHT: MOLD, Test cast of back mold piece, Test cast of Gordon

By making the test cast of Gordon, I learned a few things:

  1. Don’t use a bad bag of plaster. Yes, apparently plaster goes bad.
  2. While using Vaseline as a release agent on the mold makes the cast come out like butter, streaks from the application shows on the surface of the cast.
  3. The mold needs to be fastened TIGHTLY shut, otherwise plaster will leak out, yadda yadda yadda…not fun.

I’m leaving the mold at Brenau and will make multiple casts of Gordon later. Or someone will use this knowledge to take my mold, and make as many casts as she pleases. I’m looking at YOU, Christine. :)

Sleep is for losers and dead people.

I kept reciting that to myself in the wee hours of all the mornings I spent finishing up the last few printmaking projects.

One of the projects was screen printing, and let me tell you…screen printing is not fantastic doing last-minute. I learned that one the hard way. The process was lengthy and time-consuming and our table with countless containers of mixed acrylic inks ended up looking like something out of that dinner scene in Hook.

I thought the results were not great for the landscape view. I ended up printing one piece at a time after the registration was off in a few places. It physically pains me when I realize how cool this might have looked if I didn’t get so far behind.

For my second screen print, I made an abstraction piece that turned out better than I imagined. I decided to play with more subdued colors and I’m really happy with the results.

My last project was a book. I made it two weeks before finals, but didn’t start illustrating until finals week for various reasons and excuses…and let’s not get into those.

The cover is made from one of my recycled test screen prints from eariler in April. I wanted to stay with a recycled prints theme, since I kept all my test and reject prints. My first reaction to the book was that I just wanted to make it a sketchbook, and I began to draw portraits. Then I incorporated those test prints by creating collages in the sketches. I came up with a good idea, but didn’t finish.

self portrait

I’m planning on finishing the illustrations in the book, adding to the many art projects I’m piling up this summer. Hooray! I’m done with this blog post! Adios, Junior year.


2 responses to “2 weeks indulging in sleep

  1. Finally some news from you! You must have caught up on sleep by now!
    Gordon’s butt does look good!
    Let’s just make casts of his butt and leave them all over campus!!

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