Casting process: Shellac him

Yesterday, Christine and I called what we charmingly refer to as the Polytek materials hotline. We were trying to discern how to use the materials and how to apply them on my sculpture…and then discuss the issues with the armature.

The pipe is coming out….eventually. I need to play the mold on one side to stabilize the sculpture and then take out the pipe.

Here are the casting materials:

  • Poly 1511,1512, & 1512x Liquid Plastic parts A& B
  • Poly 74 RTV series Liquid Rubber
  • Polyfiber II
  • Pol-Ease 2300 Release Agent

Rubber molds want to stick to clay, so it’s imperative to seal the sculpture with something such as shellac.

I sprayed quite liberally until his body glistened. 


3 responses to “Casting process: Shellac him

  1. How is he this am? Dry? Do you have to spray him again? Gonna start molding tomorrow?

    • I haven’t checked on him yet today. I have to spray him again after I make the cardboard separators. I sprayed shellac on him yesterday and left him. I was under the impression that once he is covered in shellac he won’t dry out. Right?

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