When I find out what our first project is, I silently groan. Self portraits. I think when I graduate and organize my portfolio, the majority of the work in it will be self portraits. The bulk of my undergraduate experience will have been spent making self portraits. Wow.

It was a little annoying (and I’ll recognize the irony) that I had a 2+ hour Drawing II class making self portraits only to immediately leave for Printmaking and do the same thing. I’m sure I’ll get over it. There are artists who make nothing BUT self portraits. Power to them.

Our first two projects will be made with linoleum. My class meets in a room with a pungent smell of mineral spirits that worsens throughout class time because we have NO very little ventilation. That’s ok, though. I love the mass killing of my brain cells. I do like my new teacher. From only two classes I’ve assessed that he’s pretty cool, is not afraid to be frank (which I think is his name), and his favorite word to describe something he doesn’t particularly like is “clunky.”

This is my self portrait about halfway done.

I’ll begin printing it come Thursday night so I need to finish this as soon as humanly possible.

More updates soon.


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