My university and the High Museum of Art are new best friends…

…at least for the next three years.

Brenau University and the High Museum of Art announced they intend to embark on a unique educational partnership.

My first thought? Honestly?
Field trips. Lots and lots of field trips.

In the storage and conservation facility with Michael Shapiro showing us models of upcoming exhibitions.

Last Tuesday, I was invited to attend a meeting with Brenau and the High representatives for a luncheon/meet with the press/tour/was-there-a-specific-name-for-it-?- event at the High Museum. The luncheon was at a big conference table so everyone could “mingle” while eating sandwiches and poking at salads with the oddest concoction of a spork (Seriously, if I got a chance to take a picture of the weird spork I would have dedicated an entire post to the topic). We met the High Museum’s director,  Michael Shapiro, who gave us a tour of the current exhibition (of VERY SHINY cars), and showed us a behind-the-scenes tour of their storage and conservation facility, which included looking at models for upcoming shows through 2013. The next show is dedicated to all things Dali, and later there will be shows including selected works of Picasso, Matisse, Warhol, and Pollack. Shapiro also mentioned that a certain contemporary artist-Jeff Koons, to be exact-is coming for a guest lecture soon at the High. Dude, I‘m so there.

Cool beans, no? Too bad I only get to wreak havoc at the High for only one more year. I’ll just have to collect as much wisdom, free/reduced price tickets, internships, and odd concoctions of sporks as I can in the little time I have left before it’s too late.

The photograph was taken by SARA GUEVARA of the Gainesville Times.
The source of the photograph, as well as the accompanying article is just a click away.

2 responses to “My university and the High Museum of Art are new best friends…

  1. Ummm, excited!!! Just think if we could have our exit show at the High?????

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