Beautiful vs. Ugly

Aesthetics & Criticism’s assignment was to find two objects: One that is beautiful and one that is ugly. Then we have to write our explanations. Both are below.

UGLY: My Little Pony

Besides that this object creeps me out, it’s trying to be cutesy and adorable, but is failing horribly. It’s not even the proportions of the pony I dislike, it’s the added details of the sweeping neon pink cotton candy mane, very long and ridiculous wavy purple tail, the girly, glowing green, anime-like eyes (is the horse wearing MASCARA???) and the unicorn horn and last but certainly not least the curly, star and heart pattern tattoo on her hide. Things I really loathe or think is ugly usually make me cringe. This object is no exception.

BEAUTIFUL: Green teapot from Teavana

I  love the implied and actual texture and how the coloring emphasizes those textures. The way color is applied reminds me of oxidized metal, which gives it a naturalistic feeling. When  you look at the teapot from above, you see lines arranged in a radial pattern. Those lines kind of suggest a calm, radiating energy. The shape is simple, but it has its own elegance. Even the handle is a beautiful, simple arch that supports the teapot. I think this is a beautiful piece because it has an energy, and there’s a weight to it- a heaviness, that’s almost pensive.

One response to “Beautiful vs. Ugly

  1. Pony – UUGGHHHH!
    Teapot – FAB!

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