On an island in the Sun

I’m roughly two weeks into a long vacation on the Georgia coast. At the moment I’m hiding in our rental house to avoid the so-hot-my-skin-feels-like-it’s-melting-weather. The heat never bothered me until Sunday, when we went on a day trip to Savannah. The air was so hot, sticky, and muggy. Every time we passed a body of water or a fountain, I felt the urge to strip and jump in.

My family and I are vacationing on St. Simons Island, a place I’ve known since my childhood. I packed my sketchbooks, pencils, pens, and watercolors for the trip. Watercolor is a no-hassle sort of paint medium when it comes to transporting/painting on site. Equipped with an old Windsor & Newton watercolors compact set and a small assortment of Koi Water Brushes, I’ve gotten at least a bit of sketching in.

View of Jekyll Island from East Beach.

View from Pier of  St. Simons sound and of Brunswick

View of Jekyll island from the village near sunset

Ocean view at dusk. (When I was little, one of my favorite stories was about an old man with a long silvery beard who had a garden of pearls. Every night, he took a pearl from his garden and placed it into the sky, hence it became the moon… it was unintentional, but the moon in the painting kind of reminded me of a pearl, and that story)

The sketchbook keeps filling up. More to come.

And OMG IT’S AUGUST. If my lack of posting indicates anything, you can probably discern how far behind I am with senior show.


One response to “On an island in the Sun

  1. Oh my gosh! A post!!!! Beautiful watercolors. I especially like the 3rd one. The pearl story is cool, too.
    I have way too many ideas for senior show. AACCCK.
    Saw Allison today at Old Navy. She’s in watercolor 2 with me. MBL sent our supply list – 100’s of dollars….:) Can’t wait to see you and hang out!

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