Ongoing projects and a possible early case of Senioritis

Posting has been a bit irregular, I know. The pictures I take for this blog are from my iPhone, which I now use for studio music (my old iPod is dead), so I keep forgetting to take pictures of art processes. But here, at best are some updates:

+Gordon (the sculpture) is done.

He looks good. I want to fix the surface texture a little, and if I’m seriously meticulous-and in this case it may be so- I might fix little details that only I seem to notice.

Why can’t you see him? Whoops. I forgot to take pictures. Well, all except a week-old picture of the fingernails I decided to add.

+Etching is all fun until you smell too many chemicals.

After doing multi-coloring printing, everything else seems easy. Etching involves waiting. We spend most of our time counting seconds for an aqua tint, or staring aimlessly at the wall while waiting for your plate to etch in a pool of acid for 35+ minutes. And the smell. UGH! The combination of smells from the hard ground, mineral spirits, ink, and acid gave me instant headaches.

We had two etching to complete. Our first is a self-portrait. The second is whatever subject we want, just make sure it’s good.

I feel I may have rushed the etching process, and  did not particularly like the final pieces.

think the self-portrait was ultimately successful, but there’s a distracting dark line under the chin that I need to burnish out or extend around the chin.

I began and completed the etching of a poppy the day before it was due (senioritis, anyone?). I only did a small line etch and the rest was aqua tint. I’m having a problem with some areas being too much of the same grayscale. I’m going to go back on my zinc plate and use a dry-point tool to scratch in lines to make areas darker on my plate.

I will fix these problems, reprint, and then post the full etching process I’ve meant to post for a week now.

+Finally a post from Drawing 2?

Drawing 2 is spent doodling, sketching, and conversing about next year’s Senior exhibition. So we solve problems and work through our anxiety and stress by drawing. I’ve sketched fairly abstract and non-objective forms.

I’m not sure where this is going, but I’m excited to see whatever it is emerge and take form.


3 responses to “Ongoing projects and a possible early case of Senioritis

  1. I am not kidding! Do not mess with Gordon! He must dry and you have to cast him! You hear me, Lady?

  2. How you find ideas for articles, I am always lack of new ideas for articles. Some tips would be great

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