Spring Break

Brenau’s spring break is incredibly early. The last week before my break included the start of a new Printmaking project, two midterm exams- which included my first Aesthetics and Criticism test- and the never-ending sculpture.

Printmaking’s etching project is…another self-portrait. I should have found another interesting idea instead of just my face, but I forgot over the weekend and just quickly found a picture already in my possession. I wrote down in my notes that I was supposed to draw my image on a zinc plate. But I was wrong, of course. We transfer the image from a line drawing on a paper to the zinc. Whoops. So my teacher gave me tracing paper to trace my drawing on the zinc. I erased and washed my zinc and transferred the image. Afterwards we etched in our drawing into the zinc and set the plate in acid. Thirty- five minutes later, the image was etched. I proceeded to then to ink the plate, wipe off the surface and print on some leftover crappy paper. This was the result.

I’m still not sure how everything will work out, but I’m not going to worry about it this week.

The never-ending sculpture is still not finished. Every time I think I’m nearing the end, I find something wrong. This week I got slightly angry about the arm and hand draped over the head. After a some consideration I took a tool and cut off his hand and reworked the arm.

I managed to fix the arm and begin to model the hand.

I’m not going to see my sculpture for a whole week so in preparation I sprayed the equivalent of a bucket of water on my sculpture and wrapped it until it couldn’t breathe. I think it will be safe by the time I return. Just in case, fingers crossed!

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