Taking shape

I woke up half asleep Tuesday morning (in 22 degree weather, I might add) to drag myself to the sculpture class. Or rather, just to the lab. I’m all by myself since our class changed venues due to some sort of art workshop that’s being held in the sculpture lab. I carried my sculpture across a hall to the ceramics room where it is enjoying its new home next to a bunch of pottery wheels. I was surprised to discover that my sculpture is not as heavy as I thought it would be.

When I unwrapped the figure I was in a sour mood and looked at the eyes I stuck on last week, and decided that I didn’t like those eyes, gouged out eye sockets and began anew (for the fifth time). I took my time using a very small paint brush dipped in slip (clay+water=slip) to make the eyes. I built the eyes, fixed one of the ears, and noted changes I needed to make later, and left as soon as class ended to finish a bibliography for Aesthetics & Criticism, which I forgot about until someone reminded me on Monday.

I went back after Aesthetics & Criticism to work on it for a few hours. I think the form is finally taking its true shape and it looks like I have maybe one more session with it until it’s done. I still need to work on that left arm/hand. I want to finish it by Thursday. Keeping those fingers crossed.


2 responses to “Taking shape

  1. His face is really coming along. I have a feeling his face, hands, and feet are going to be labor intensive, but rewarding. You are going to cast him right?

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