Figure in clay continued…

I’ve been meaning to post more this week, but I’ve practically been living in the Printmaking lab this week working on a print that is due Monday (technically today since it’s way past midnight). I was originally up writing a gigantic post about printmaking, but I feel exhausted just recollecting it. That whole fiasco will be posted tomorrow. Maybe. Promise. I realized about a hour ago that I forgot about my sculpture. I haven’t worked on it since Tuesday. I hope that I mummified it enough because I haven’t gone back to spray it or anything. I’ll check it first thing in the morning.

But on Tuesday I worked on the sculpture for hours. I made a lot of progress.

I began with the eyes. I added two balls of clay to each socket and then wrapped them with two coils of clay. It doesn’t look like much now, but I’m confidence it will look good.

The I sketched our model’s face and feet on our final day with him. I got those out and began to model his face.

I added more clay to the forehead and to his face structure. 

I’ve been avoiding the hands. I finally began them on Tuesday.

I do feel like I’m almost done. I’ll probably work on it tomorrow since I’ve been neglecting it and focusing all my  energy on printmaking (its lengthy process demands attention). But this is the almost finished sculpture as I left it on Tuesday.

This is what I mean when I say I mummified my sculpture.

Takes me a full ten minutes to wrap it. No joke.

Printmaking post from Hell coming up next…in the somewhat near future.

Good night. I need to sleep.

2 responses to “Figure in clay continued…

  1. Looks like he is coming along really well!! You are capturing his form. I like the hands and how you did the chin. Can’t wait to see him cast!!!

  2. I’m seeing more of a likeness in the face, which I’m very happy about. I still haven’t checked on him, I’ll probably go in a few minutes.
    And casting it will be fun. And horrible. And stressful.

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