Color + Black printing

Before our teacher shows a demo on how to print black on to our color prints, we carved into our linoleum once again to add more detail. I added more marks to the face and made a background.

These are two of the many proofs I printed on newsprint. On the right is just the black and white print I made of the newly carved linoleum. And on the left is my color proof from last week to which I printed black over it.

I realized after I made many proofs and then sufficiently ruined two of my color prints (such as, the print below) that some of the markings on my linoleum (which were shallow in the first place) kept filling in even when the linoleum was perfectly inked. I carved out the fine lines and added some new markings.

I only had two color prints left. I printed first on my over inked color print first, with fantastic results.

The last print was the best color print I had. When I took it off the press, I literally freaked out because it was PERFECT. 

My confidence built up and I made the last two black and white prints of the newly carved linoleum.

WHEW! Done. Finished. I must say this is one of the most nerve-wracking classes ever.

2 responses to “Color + Black printing

  1. Dang – I am even more glad I passed on this class. Frustrating! Your last prints are nice tho. I love the blue/purple and black together.

  2. Printmaking involves loads of out-of-class time. That probably would not work with your schedule. ;-)

    Next project sounds even more hectic…posting about that soon.

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