The printing in printmaking

With the first part of the carving completed, it was time to print.

Class was spent with my friend, Allison, and me trying to mix a purple ink color and test printing the color. When 8:30 PM came around, my teacher left, I only had one good color print, and hell ensued.

. I only needed two more. I was doing fine, great even, when he was there, so I thought I would just need thirty minutes tops.

I stayed for probably two hours more. I never really got two more good prints either.

Spotty, Spotty, and then way too much ink! That seemed to be the process of my work throughout the night. I’m annoyed with myself that I messed up so many times and wasted so many sheets of $4 + paper, but I suppose I’ll eventually learn from my mistakes. When I got back to my dorm, I realized as I was walking up a flight of stairs that my body was severely tired and in pain (my gluteus maximus is still in recovery).

The next day, I went into the printmaking studio again, this time to make black and white prints of my self portrait. I lost hope when I began making the same mistakes I did just the night before.

But I think I cranked out some good prints that will be acceptable come tomorrow night during class.

This is probably the best print of the bunch.This is not necessarily the worst print, but in my attempt to make the press tighter so there would not be any spotty places I lost much of the scratching detail. This was a problem last time. I need to figure out what I’m doing wrong.

Color and black ink prints next.

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