Modeling the figure in clay

This morning was our second session with the model. I slowed down significantly to correct any proportion errors. I found from the last session, I actually made the legs too long. Now fixed, there’s space underneath the feet where I think I’ll add a base.

Our model unknowingly changed his pose from the last session by resting his hand on his hip.

I didn’t say anything because I think I like the change. The pose is less static than the last one so I’ll probably stick with this new pose.

I keep wanting to mess with the head, but I’m leaving that to be one of the last things I do. I’m also waiting to make the hands and feet. I’ll probably make hand and feet wire armatures so I can make them look detailed and not clunky.

More later.


2 responses to “Modeling the figure in clay

  1. I really am excited to see this figure evolve. You have such a great understanding and intuitive talent for the human form.
    His belly and lower back and butt are just beautiful!
    Are you casting this?

  2. No pics of the base? I liked watching you build it. Thanks for listening. You are a good friend!

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