Hi there, 2010

I tend to treat New Years like any other day, but I do have a New Years resolution to post more on the blog. Thankfully, I probably won’t have any trouble doing so this semester.

My favorite semester of college so far is spring of 2009. I loaded my schedule with art related courses. It was fantastic. This semester is pretty much the same way:

Drawing 2
My class is smushed together with the Drawing 1 class. It’s basically like the first course but with more challenges. And we are required to keep a sketchbook and we’ll have assignments and such, but it’s also a way to keep us in practice outside of class.

Sculpture 2

There are two people in this class (including me) so it’s also together with the Sculpture 1 class. We’ll be studying with a nude model for our first project again, and sooner than we usually do. So I had to put together an armature for the first time…more update with that in my next post.

Aesthetics & Criticism

Our first assignment is to bring in one object that is ugly and another object that is beautiful. And then we have to write a few paragraphs to explain our choices. I already have a few ideas for my beautiful object, but I’m having trouble finding something ugly in my possession….would it be mean to ask my friends if I can borrow something ugly that they own?


This is new territory for me…I have no idea what I’m doing. We are beginning our first project tonight on unmounted linoleum, which is a self portrait. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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