Found Object Brooch

Comet brooch (Brass, Copper, and Tin)
Metalsmithing is new territory for me, but luckily (and I mean LUCKILY) I learned to drill holes for rivets, pound in rivets, polish metal, saw metal, and use a blow torch all at the ungodly hour of 8am. No one should use fire, saws, or power tools at 8am. But thanks to the powers that be at Brenau University, we have to.
The found object is the jar top of olive tapenade (don’t remember which brand). The jar top is riveted together on brass and copper metal.

Thanks to Prof. Vanessa Grubbs for taking the picture! :)

One response to “Found Object Brooch

  1. It looks really good, but you didn't end up using any of the "found" stuff I gave you!<3 Your Favorite Sister

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