Goodbye Saint Simon’s Island

So here are the other painting sketches I completed while on a vacation in Saint Simon’s Island:

On the beach in the afternoon, when the tide is going out and the sand bars are emerging. 

Old tree in St. Simon’s. It’s huge and extremely old. And I think they have a name for this tree, but for the life of me I cannot remember it. But ever since I was little, I was always fascinated with the tree. My painting hardly does the tree justice.  

The Marsh before the sun begins to set. I rode my bike around the marsh, trying to find the perfect spot with a good perspective. I found the spot where kayakers start their tour. I was sitting next to a bridge and the mosquitoes were horrible. I finally made notes about the lighting, the shapes and made a quick sketch of the perspective and left for home, where I completed the painting partly from notes and memory. 

So how was the painting experience? I mentioned to a fellow art student earlier about the difficulties of painting/drawing on location.  For starters, I’m tackling the elements (rain, too much shine, and MOSQUITOES…that’s an element, right?). I’m more accustomed working from photographs in the safe vicinity of a studio for hours, days, even weeks until I’m finished. No surprise, having to paint quickly was difficult. I try to go into too much detail and I found myself trying to control watercolors, which will NEVER happen and I should know better. 
I’m filling up the rest of my awesome Strathmore 400 Series Field Watercolor Sketch Book with sights from California! Maybe this time I’ll get some portraits in too! I might be able to update while there, but if I don’t I’ll post back in two whole gigantic weeks! 

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