Dear Saint Simon’s Island people,

It has come to my attention that there are no lights whatsoever in the streets. Which is a shame for any lonely 20-something year old female trying to find out where she’s staying…
But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start from the beginning.
Yesterday, my family and I arrived at Saint Simon’s Island…and it was raining. Near during sunset, the rain stopped. So my oldest sister Caitlin, and I decided to ride our bikes near the marshes. To make an incredibly long story short, we lost each other and while Caitlin bicycled her way back to the rental house, I rode up and down each streets trying to find the rental house. Time flew by, the sky grew darker, I did not have my cell phone, there were NO lamps on the streets…I could not find the house. So I freaked out, my mind creeping back to all those serial murder mysteries I read…like the one where this guy gets abducted WHILE RIDING HIS BIKE. I got so paranoid when this sketchy SUV drove SLOWLY by me, I mentally made myself ready with karate moves I learned in a self-defense course in college.
Obviously, I didn’t get abducted (yay!). But THE POINT is that Saint Simon’s Island needs lights on the streets so dorks who are lost can find their way home!
Today we went on the beach, I got out my little watercolor pad and my watercolors and painted this:
Later we drove into town for lunch at the brilliant Barbara Jean’s restaurant. Afterwards, I painted another. I think the island is Jekyll Island.

I think they’re okay first attempts. Maybe my next attempts will be better.

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