Illustrators at work

Kinuko Y. Craft is primarily an illustration artist of fantasy books. At least, that’s what I know her from the most. My family is and always will be a group of readers, and therefore I grew up reading tons of books, including Sleeping Beauty and The Twelve Dancing Princesses, which are both illustrated beautifully by Craft. If I made of list of all the artists that made me interested in not only illustration, but in art itself…she would definitely be included on that list. 

I always end up describing her work as very Italian Renaissance-esque, with a touch of Baroque. She is insanely talented and skilled, and by the look of all her work I think it’s safe to assume she’s pretty patient too. A few years ago, I discovered her website and she has a detailed description of her painting process that as I read it, I cannot help but think that if I were in her shoes, I’d die from insanity.
She updated her site since the last time I checked it and she includes that she does work for an organization called Art On A Grand Scale. Company owner, Richard Solomon states his vision:

My Vision of Art On a Grand Scale is to transform corporate and commercial spaces into exciting, arresting, and provocative environments…

Great art enhances the value of a space by increasing public awareness while providing the owner with the opportunity to give something back to the public.

Chances are you’ve probably already seen this company’s work. If you’ve ever walked into a Barnes & Noble, you know there’s always a cafe and usually a really cool mural of legendary writers. Those are all installed by Art On a Grand Scale. The website is really cool, so you should check it out. It has lots of before and after pictures of spaces that were designed:

Ooooooo. Ahhhhh!

“Sleeping Beauty” images are from K.Y. Craft’s official website:

Richard Solomon quote and images are from “Art On a Grand Scale” official website:


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