My ruler has earned the right to be praised

If there’s one thing I cannot do consistently it’s that I cannot draw a straight line. Ever since graphic design in high school, my teachers assured me that one day soon I will be able to look at a line and know that it’s straight. I’ll just know. Well that day still has not come (and at the rate I’m going, probably never), but I have handy tools to give me a straight line. 

Introducing my cork-back ruler. 
Stainless steel. Flexible. Non-skid ruler. It’s amazing. While using it, I often ponder the days when I measured mats for my artwork with the icky cheap plastic rulers. Just when I thought I had a line straight, the ruler would move. With the C-Thru ruler, it’s nicer- and a whole lot faster- making mats. 
And just when I thought my ruler couldn’t get even more amazing, I used it for another fantastic purpose: Killing spiders. Especially the one that I found in my bathroom a few minutes ago. And it wasn’t just a spider. It was a super spider. It jumped. It was scary. My ruler saved me. 
Beware spiders all across the globe! 

Picture of the C-Thru ruler is from

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