Junior year & Flamingos

I just finished my last final for the semester! That means Sophomore year is OVER. Come on Junior year! But with all the hullaballoo and excitement, I feel really nervous. I’m halfway finished with my college. The next few years I’ll begin really delving into my major courses, considering what I’ll do for my Senior Show. Sure, it’s far away. But it’s still there. 

Anyway, for Sculpture, our final project was an assemblage piece. And in the spirit of being green, I used many items from the recycling bin and also recycled a mobile sculpture I completed in 3-D freshman year at Brenau. 
Why a flamingo? It was totally an inspiration from a fellow student. My friend, Vonnie, was in the watercolor class with me this year and for our final piece, she painted a flamingo and talked about how she LOVED flamingos. I knew that I wanted to make an animal for our assemblage piece and I was like, “Hey! Flamingos!” 

The piece is pretty top heavy and it keeps falling over. Lucky for me, my piece is structurally indestructible. 
I have to get back to packing up all my stuff to go home for summer break, where I’ll also brainstorm how to transport this sucker home….
EDIT: During the midst of packing the car, I realized that there was no way my flamingo was coming home. My roommate, Jennifer, also realized this with her own sculpture. So we both decided to have a very prompt ritual- a farewell to our artworks. We said a few parting words, bowed a few different ways, mediated, wept, and threw our pieces into the garbage.
(Sadly, we could not burn them. Our sculpture professor told us on the last day of our class that you should either keep artwork, or burn it-since burning art is in a sense almost like performance art. :-D  ) 


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