Even though I’m not puzzle savvy, I love putting puzzles together. I ventured into Target to find a big puzzle and I found this monster on the shelf:

It’s The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci. It’s a gigantic puzzle that took us an hour to sort through all the pieces to begin the border. 

Yeah, not much is done yet. And note that this was done with three other people. 
Supposedly the text is easy to put together, but I was having loads of trouble. The inscription had an interesting story: The guy who commissioned the work kept annoying Da Vinci about finishing the painting. So Da Vinci he offered the man to pose for Judas. Ouch
I have until May 1 to finish this puzzle, since that’s when I’m moving back home. I need to get a move on because this puzzle has the tendency to make my brain explode. That’s why I’m enlisting whatever company I have over at the apartment to help because, frankly, a 2000 piece puzzle should always be a great collaboration.  

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