In which Kelly prepares her work for an art show

Because of unforeseen problems, I got NO sleep. 
I already mentioned that my sculpture had a skin predicament…
Placing in the hanging wire took the least amount of time…which is hilarious since I thought it would take me the longest to do.
Remember this? It’s been sitting patiently in our apartment dining room for this whole semester. Now our dining room feels a whole lot emptier without it. 

I was paranoid and wrapped the wire all the way across the line. Toby told me that the wire should hold the canvas. Then I sheepishly mentioned that I was worried about the wire snapping during the art show. I mean, how horrid would it be to have your painting fall off the wall during an art show. Answer…it would be embarrassing. Toby told me that scenario was unlikely. He told me he’d never heard of such a thing happening before. 

Ha. There’s always a first time.  
What took me the longest time was Amanda’s portrait. Or more specifically, the background. 

The beading was killing me.
I used a mop brush to apply the background. I just bought it about a week ago and I wish I had it sooner because if you want watercolor to look like watercolor or paint in puddles, like I am now, it is frankly the best brush EVER. 

With the mop brush I added lots of pigment and then added TONS of water. Basicially, I was working with a gigantic puddle.

The pictures here show the portrait almost done. By this time, I decided not to record every painting move I made. And I forgot to add a picture of the final image. If this makes it into the final show (and I sincerely hope it does), I’ll make sure to snap a few shots at the art show. 

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