Childish curiosity & creativity

All those years ago when we were kids, there was no such thing as an inner critic to muffle creativity. The possibilities were endless. 

I spent a little bit over an hour painting with my roommate, Amanda’s, (as in watercolor portrait Amanda) two nieces. 
I put my watercolor palette between them on the table and they made these two masterpieces:

The oldest decided that she wanted to paint a flower. Or as she described, “a very colorful flower.”

The youngest began to paint with cool colors and then expanded with warmer colors. There was a lot of experimentation and thought put into this painting (she really thought about which color she wanted to use next before proceeding). 
When they saw my wooden painting palette, they were insistent on using the palette and wanted me to transfer my watercolors to the palette. After calmly explaining that this was impossible to do, we moved onto acrylic paint.

It was interesting when they first started. They both used the same colors. Red and green. A.K.A. Christmas colors (but still, complementary colors). And then both of them had a great fascination with making a silver (gray) color. 

These paintings were my favorite because they explored with color. And they had a blast. 

And here are the finished works:

The oldest finished two paintings. I noticed that she kept telling me that she wasn’t making anything. I told her that her paintings were very creative. 

The youngest took a lot of time on this painting, where she really concentrated on the gray color. I couldn’t help but notice how much it reminded me of a Mark Rothko painting. 
Do you think these two young ladies are artists in the making? I think it’s definitely a possibility.   :-)

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