No blendy blendy!

What do you get when you combine illustration board and matte medium?

Answer: A surface that makes watercolors bead.
So the solution, my professor points out, is to paint in puddles. And then she adds to me, “No blendy blendy, Miss Sullivan.”
I think that I haven’t painted enough to have a signature style, but I think it’s a fair assessment that I tend to have an inclination to make things as realistic as humanly possible. A.K.A. “blendy.”
But I like to think that I’m utilizing watercolors and their unique form, and letting them do their own thing and perhaps nudging them where I want them to go.
For our next project, a portrait, I made sure that I painted only in puddles.

(Amanda, watercolor on illustration board)

(detail of Amanda: IT’S ALL PUDDLES!!!)
There are a few touch ups on the nose and the background I want to attack with various brushes and q-tips. But besides that I’m quite happy with the results.

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