An extremely brief eulogy & the plaster mold

Today, we celebrate the short lives that were Kelly’s plaster mold and clay sculpture. *sniffle*

Both served her well, and she hopes that they find peace in whatever landfill they’re dumped in.
But here is the outcome…so far:
(Dramatic lighting not intentional)
It came out of the plaster mold today and looked pretty great…except the nipples didn’t come out and there were a few bubbly patches from the huge amount of olive oil hairspray I sprayed into the mold before pouring in the plaster:

Today I made another batch of plaster and slathered it on a good portion of the sculpture (and I rebuilt the nipples). All I have to do is sand away the rough textures and I’ll be finished!
I also really need to fix the nipples that curiously look an awful lot like…


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