The really long watercolor post from Hell

Watercolor is a tricky medium. We want to learn how to control the paint, but, in all honesty, that’s pretty difficult. In the little experience I have with watercolors it’s probably right to assume that the way to work watercolors to their fullest potential is to let go of your inner control freak artist, and let the paint do it’s thing. Go slowly. Introduce yourself, and the paint will introduce itself to you.

(Watercolor chart-First project)
Letting go is easier said than done. I was dubbed a “heavy hand,” which means I add too much pigment. And that definitely happens to students who are more commonly used to Oils or Acrylics.  I was literally advised to lighten up (for those who are not water color savvy… add more water).
One of the first projects we had was to complete two watercolor paintings of white objects using variations of gray pigments (Ex: Ultramarine blue with Burnt Umber). Our class decided to fold origami and make interesting compositions:

(Pig vs. Snake)


(Sailboat in a bowl)
It’s taken me a few weeks to let go of my inner control freak artist, but I think I progressed with this last project we just completed. We were discovering how to describe a flat space (a comic strip) and volumetric objects (round and shiny!!!) together:


Whoosh! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go do yet another watercolor. Whoot! Whoot! for watercolor!

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