Final Project Finished!

 Sadly, my crappola, cheap, digital camera will never be able to capture the painting well. But the image is not too shabby:

Elvira saw the painting in the works on the blog, but I told her she had to SEE the final painting. Apparently, when I told her the canvas was huge…she didn’t think I meant…well…HUGE. She’s failing horribly at an attempt to recreate the expression in the painting. :-)

She couldn’t stop laughing, which is something I always associate with Elvira. So I found it intriguing, when I watched her reactions to the painting, that I captured not the friend that I know well, but a different side. I don’t know if that’s a good mistake or a bad judgement on my part that I had the chance to paint a good friend of mine and made her appear to be contemplating impending doom or whatever. 
I was going to paint the Elvira I know, but I was already afraid to begin the painting. I honestly thought it would turn out to be a catastrophe like the small painting I did of Al Gore. But you learn things from disasters (or at least you’re supposed to) so I avoided the problems I encountered with Al Gore’s portrait. 

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