George Rowlett

For a new painting, we are supposed to find a famous painting and copy the work and style. For some reason, I feel weird copying someone else’s art, so I’m using my own image to copy, but I’m going to copy some one else’s style.

This is a painting called “Solly’s Cows” by George Rowlett. I have a book called “Artist’s Manual: A Complete Guide to Painting and Drawing Materials and Techniques,” which contains two of Rowlett’s paintings. I always admired how loose the paintings were, and yet it captured his subject beautifully. 
I’m still trying to find my own style of painting. I attempt each painting with the intention of making my subject realistic. But somewhere in the middle of painting I loosen up (mostly out of boredom). I hope by trying Rowlett’s style, I’ll come even closer to discovering what my style is. 
I have two 14 by 10 inch canvases that I’ve stretched and primed. Since these paintings are loose and not meant to take a long time, I’m going to go outside and paint. Usually I use a photograph, which is okay, but there’s  different atmosphere when painting from life. I’ll post my Rowlett-style paintings when I finish!

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